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This is our first full-length, and by “full-length” we mean a bunch of junky recordings that we made in our Emerson College dorm rooms. The songs were written, arranged, and recorded gradually between April 2015 and March 2016.

Cover art by our very own mandolin shredder Jesse "Jorbs" Buchter.

We have so many people who have helped us make this. We'd like to thank...

Everyone who ever booked us or came out to a show; our families; all our "significant others/otters" for being inspirations; Evan Debevec-McKenney for being an inspiration; Evan McKenna for existing; Travis Beaney; number one trash collector, dog spotter Tori "Spaghett" Hawks-Ladds; number one meat seller, unicycler, Cornelia "Rumpled Bed" Bendel; The Bummer City Historical Society; Sage Cotignola, art extraordinaire; the low-ceilings of the basements of Allston, Massachusetts; all of our friends and fellow musicians that have helped us grow in the last year and a half; Whiskers the Fish-Cat; and the Emerson Dining Hall.


released April 20, 2016

We are:
Ben Mueller - vocals, acoustic guitar, percussion, harmonica
Phil Jones - electric bass, vocals, flute (track 6)
JB Brackett - washboard, booking all of our shows, keeping stupid boys in line (all tracks, all the time)
Mike Ijac - electric guitars, ukulele, vocals
Jesse Buchter - mandolin, vocals, acoustic guitar (tracks 6 and 10), whistling (track 8), Mike's pickup selector switch (track 4)



all rights reserved


Low Ceilings Boston, Massachusetts

Bringing acoustaprog freaky folk to a living room near you.

Contact us: ben77q05@gmail.com

7/6 Hennessy's, Boston MA
7/13 Hosteling International, Boston MA

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Track Name: Conservative Man on the Train
My life ain't getting hard,
'cause I'm a straight white male
in a world that's run by straight white males,
A couple thousand places
that I've never ever been
there are a couple million people in jail,
And I'll probably never ever be one of them,
and I'll probably never see you again,
but I'm listening to you
from across the train
and I don't think that we could ever be friends.

...and i never realized how long we've been friends.
Track Name: Close
Frame all your coworkers,
cheat, steal and lie,
Take the money from the register,
put the car in drive,
Until your body
is close to mine,
Until your body is close to mine.

Make it so,
like you're making me breathe,
make him and her
into you and me.

Turn up all the heaters,
syphon all the gasoline,
Black out all the windows,
peel back all the dirty sheets,
Until you are
right next to me
Until you are
right next to me.

Frighten all your neighbors,
bang the cupboards, break the shelves,
Tell them that we're dying,
you and I aren't feeling well,
Until we are
all by ourselves
Until we are
all by ourselves.
Track Name: California Mountains
As we stroll through the wealthy suburb,
my pockets are feeling empty,
they've got country clubs and outlet malls galore.
We will make a day of shopping,
and then stop to eat at Starbucks,
and end the day with gossip about our family and friends.
Like, remember that one time
that she said that thing about me
that I'm taking out of context as of now?
Or when my in-laws who I don't like
did the worst thing that they could do
and they got a brand new drum kit for their kid?

When I think about the places
that I'm never going to go,
all the traveling and the learning I left behind,
I really don't feel sorry for
the wealthy suburban families
in the California mountains
that I'm never, ever, ever going to climb.

It's a much bigger deal
if you feel a little flabby
than if somebody dies or our country goes to war.
And to that kid who caught a bullet,
I mean, you probably broke the law,
maybe you stole something or had some colored skin.

When I think about the places
that I'm never going to go,
all the traveling and the learning I left behind,
I really don't feel sorry for
the stuck-up kids on trust funds
in the California mountains
that I'm never, ever, ever going to climb.

“I remember the days
When we were young
and we were happy.”
“He's just stuck in his ways,”
that's what we'll say
to excuse it.
“I won't miss you at all,”
that's what I'll say,
it’s what I’ll say.
“I won’t miss you at all.”
My traveling’s done,
can we go home now?

So when you're shit-talking your cousins
at the next big family gathering,
just remember that our problems are pretty small.
We were born into the Western
world of heat and running water
and your in-laws shouldn't be what's on your mind.

When I think about the places
that I'm never going to go,
all the traveling and the learning I left behind,
I really don't feel sorry for
the rugged mountain rangers,
or the stuck-up kids on trust funds,
or the wealthy suburban families
in the California mountains
that I'm never, ever, ever going to climb.
Track Name: The Same
I am wearing my stains and
you are wearing your dress
I think we should go upstairs,
nobody else is there
Never thought I would tell you
all of the things I have said
Understand that I love you
I'm not really sure what I said

I know that it's been so long
but I never really thought about time
I think that we'll be okay,
we're not exactly the same

Everybody said "so cute"
since two-thousand and ten
Everybody says "so gross"
nobody knows what they want
Track Name: Two
Well she's got a mind
that freaks out in the dark,
A pile of pressure
that stacks up with stress in her heart,
And she's got a brain,
oh she's got a brain,
And she's making me feel
some type of way.

Well she's got a mouth
that's real quick to judge,
And she says what she wants
about the people she meets just because.
And she't got eyes,
oh she's got eyes,
And she knows
when I'm telling her lies.

And the two of us,
we're just

Heater hogging,
Water wasting,
Lightbulb leeching,
Sunlight stealing fools
Maybe we're trying to be better
Maybe we're not trying to be anything at all
Maybe we're trying to be

Well she's got those teeth
that aren't straight anymore,
Used to bite on my arm
as her hand pushed my face to the floor
And she's got a tongue,
oh she's got a tongue,
And she says what she wants me to do
and God damn it, it's done.
Track Name: Keys
I've got the key to your house,
I've got some clues on your mind,
And i've heard that there are quite a few more
things I could find
In the back of your car,
to which I also have the keys.

I've got the signals and waves
to make you shiver and shake
And they're hanging out my pocket
every one of my days
And to make it all worse,
i've got your number written down.

"Cause I could kill you
or kiss you if I wanted to,
the latter is exactly what I'm gonna do.
And you could kill me
or kiss me if you wanted to,
I hope that you're not killing me,
I'm kissing you.

I have committed to memory
what you do every week
And I know the way you walk,
i know the way that you speak,
I know the way that you write,
i've got your poems folded up.
And all the things that you said
are buried deep in my head,
I could pull them out and dust them off
and know that you said,
And i could pass them around
and take the credit for your brains.
Track Name: Phone
Well we talked about the week
by the light of the TV
And you know we learned a thing or two
I looked into the glare
as you sat down by the stairs
And we wished that we were not in different rooms

We were miles away,
and I thought that I heard you say
that you loved me,
but I had to ask you again.
I know you care for me, my dear
but the TV was loud, and my friends were near
and you were mumbling,
and I couldn't hear.

As you told me about your day
your voice started to fade,
and I knew it wasn't you
It's much too loud, I feared,
as I found it hard to hear,
and I wished that I was in a different room.

(And if I said I was ready for bed
I might have been lying
I might have been lying to you)
Track Name: Where's Home?
I will walk upon my feet
I will sit inside a train
I will meet a lady there
And I will take her name

I will ride upon a bus
I will sit inside the frame
I will meet a lady there
And I will take her name

Father's ridiculous
rituals, all in a row
Mother's nice way of just
telling you "probably, no"
Sisters upstairs, they can talk,
they can sing, they can dance
Brother's nowhere to be found,
never had any chance
Track Name: Whatever, Dude
Confine me to a lowlight place,
don't touch the shades because
you know that's not my scene.
You're talking as I look away,
I'm feeling really good
about myself today.

(you talk too much)

This is the formula I've got:
flat all your sevens and
you look pretty hot.
You've really got me in my place,
thinking about you
every time I wash my face.

(not all that much)

So I hope you like the way I dress,
you are a person who I
don't need to impress.

(you are a person who I don't need to impress)