More Songs About Passing the Time

by Ben Mueller and The Low Ceilings

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Here are some home recordings done by me (Ben) to preface the studio EP with the whole band in the Spring. Thank you for listening!

Email with questions/comments/other fun things.


released January 1, 2015

All songs written and performed by Ben Mueller, except for track 7, which was written by Pete Townshend and originally recorded by The Who.

Album art by Marissa Greene.

Thank you to Phil Jones, Mike Ijac, and Julia Brackett for being the raddest bandmates ever; Sam Kerman for dealing with me living in the same room as him while I was writing all of these songs; and Evan Debevec-McKenney and Marissa Greene for their continued advice and support.



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Low Ceilings Boston, Massachusetts

Bringing acoustaprog freaky folk to a living room near you.

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Track Name: And We Both
Pack our bags with our voice
And we go far away.
And we both are on our knees
Meagerly crawling.
We are one, we are two,
We are neither of us.
And we both bait the trap
Sinker, hook, and line.

And we both stand still.
And we both lay down.
And we both flip out.
And we both drive home.
Track Name: Unfunny
The sign across from me reads,
"Talk Irish to me"
Well I don't know Gaelic,
But you know I would if I did
I like shamrocks and dark green
And carbohydrates
And my love wears those scratchy sweaters
When it gets cold

So unfunny my bones
Shed your hair on my clothes
Keep me safe in your arms,
So far we've been alright
Unfunny my mind
Cause we're two of a kind
And as long as we're there,
I swear, we'll pass the time

The leaves are falling off trees,
Speak English to me
And I'll do whatever you'd like
And I'll get you some leaves
Since now I know what you mean
When you talk with your hands and your face
The days make so much more sense
And by the days I mean you

Sleep now, honey, sleep
Sleep now, honey, won't you sleep?
Your brain's filled with all sorts of things
And your mind's just sorting through them,
Sleep now, honey, won't you sleep?

The last three days of the week
Speak volumes to me
Of all the things we've had
And things still to come
Those thoughts and stories and fears
I've got a lot in my head
And I can't wait to spill them
And share them with you
Track Name: You've Got A Face
We've all got faces,
But you've got a face I can't ignore.
You've got a face that makes me face the fact
That I can't be indifferent anymore.

Face me with your face,
Show me all your ways,
And erase the trace of all the faces
That I've ever seen with you before.

Shoot me with your truth,
Show me all the proof
Because I'm trying to learn the things about your face
That I just did not know before.
Track Name: Purgatory
Gray skinny jeans
And pale feet
A hotel lobby

Leave the light on for me

Tiles of gray and cream
Not your feet
Wooden frames replete
Take your seat

T-shirts underneath
Our coat sleeves
Smile with all your teeth
Look at me
Track Name: Ill/Learned How
Well I've been taking my vitamin C
And getting enough sleep
So as not to get sick
But I'm ill for you
Reading French philosophy
On a Tuesday evening
With my hair up
In the living room

And when you get ill
I'll be saying
"How I love you, sleepy head"
And when you get ill
I'll be telling you how I'm
Ill for you

He's listening to Run DMC
In the suite next to me
But he's not ill for you
All the doors here open with keys
Except for the ones you really need
With shades pulled up
It's a decent view

We've learned how
To use the overhangs
To take shelter from the rain.
The mean wind hates
How we avoid it so
It hacks at both our heads.
But you've got my hand
And I've got your bag
And we're going to be okay.

Hello, Love,
You look so good today;
I almost didn’t see you there.
Your friend Judgement,
He looks so much like
His brother Love
That it’s not fair.
But you’ve got my hand
And I’ve got your bag
And we’re going to be okay.
Track Name: Mother
Mother, how did you know
Exactly what I was going to say?
Mother, you never knew,
You just made it seem that way.
Now I’ve got the keys,
And you’ve got no time,
And I’ll soon be moving away.
Mother, I think you know
Exactly what I’m going to say.

Mother, how did you see
Whatever I did last night?
Mother, you never saw,
You just guessed,
And you guessed right.
You saw the look on my face,
Heard the way that I spoke,
And you took a shot in the dark.
Mother, you’ve always known,
That I would go breaking your heart.

Mother, we’ve got a good deal
That we live on this earth, you andI.
Mother, you’ve had a few years,
You’re strong, and you’re smart, and you’re wise.
But I’m not eighteen, you’re not forty-seven,
And Father is not forty-nine.
Mother, we’re all going to die,
We’ll do it in our due time.
Track Name: Magic Bus
Every day I get in the queue
To get on the bus that takes me to you
I'm so nervous, I just sit and smile
You house is only another mile

Thank you, driver, for getting me here
You'll be an inspector, have no fear
I don't want to cause no fuss
But can I buy your Magic Bus?

I don't care how much I pay
I wanna drive my bus to my baby each day

I want it, I want it, I want it, I want it ...

Thruppence and sixpence every day
Just to drive to my baby
Thruppence and sixpence each day
'Cause I drive my baby every way

I said, now I've got my Magic Bus
I said, now I've got my Magic Bus
I drive my baby every way
Each time I go a different way